Artificial Intelligence Glossarium: 1000 terms

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Artificial Intelligence Glossarium: 1000 terms

Dear reader!
We are the authors of the book: Alexander Chesalov, Alexander Vlaskin and Matvey Bakanach are proud to present you a unique book “Artificial Intelligence Glossarium: 1000 terms”!

An up-to-date glossary of over 1000 popular machine learning and artificial intelligence terms and definitions.
This book is unique primarily in that it was written by practitioners who worked together on the Program of the Center for Artificial Intelligence of Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman, the programs “Artificial Intelligence” and “Deep Analytics” of the project “Priority 2030” of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2021-2022.

2500 terms and definitions.
Is it a lot or a little?
Our experience suggests that for mutual understanding it is enough for two interlocutors to know a dozen or a maximum of two dozen definitions, but when it comes to professional activities, it may turn out that it is not enough to know even a few dozen terms.
This book contains the terms, in our opinion, the most frequently used, both in everyday work and professional activities by specialists of various professions interested in the topic of “artificial intelligence”.
In conclusion, I would like to add and inform the esteemed reader that this book is an absolutely open and free document for distribution, on which the authors have been working for five months. If you use it in your practical work, please make a link to this book. The authors continue to work on improving the quality and content of the text of this book, as well as supplementing it with new knowledge in the subject area. We will be grateful for any feedback, suggestions and clarifications.