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Perhaps the most remarkable and positive event of 2019 was my performance on February 24 at the Nur theater in Ufa , on the stage of which truly unique and extraordinary thinking people performed in the format of the world-famous international TEDx conference . More than two hundred people in the hall and countless of them, sitting and standing in the aisle, watched with bated breath, without stopping at the many hours of show.

As determined by the organizers of the event, the main goal of the TEDx ForestersPark conference was to answer the key question – how to improve ourselves and the world in which we live. To this end , 11 speakers were invited to TEDx – specialists from various fields of activity: health, space, geology, biology, psychology, urban studies, information technology, design and marketing.

Regina Doctor with the topic “How to live 150 years?”, Vitaly Ivanov “Virtual reality”, Margarita Lee “Your dream has an important gift for you”, Vladislav Litvinchuk “Marathon is not about running”, Gulnara Timerbulatova “Family addiction. How to get out of the Karpman triangle ? “, Almaz Gataullin ” What will the world be like without bees? “, Olga Sarapulova” Creating cities for people “, Aliya Prokofieva” How will we live in the first orbital city? ” for human health “, Dina Sultanova” Eco-friendly fashion. How dangerous are our clothes? ” and of course I am with the theme “The fourth industrial revolution: through thorns to the stars”, and almost forty other people who worked on the event.

Чесалов Александр Юрьевич chesalov alexander
TEDx Chesalov Alexander ТЕД Чесалов Александр Юрьевич

“When I got the idea to organize a TEDx conference , I immediately knew what I wanted to do: Industry 4.0. To implement the plan, charismatic, competent professionals with extensive experience in research and production were needed. Acquaintance with Alexander Yuryevich and his consent to share ideas on the site made our team aware that our viewer will receive what he came to the lecture hall for. And we were right. The speaker shared not just an idea, but a whole ideology, ”notes Almaz Fatkullin , the organizer and ideological inspirer of TEDxForestersPark 2019 .

But for me it all started with a simple call in September 2018.

Almaz called me and offered to take part in the conference. Of course, I’ve heard about TEDx and people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk speaking at it . It even seemed to me at some point that this proposal was some kind of joke or a practical joke.

Nevertheless, after talking with Almaz, I realized that he had a very serious attitude, and I accepted his offer. I was immediately given the task to decide on the topic of my speech and prepare a report. And after a couple of weeks, a presentation specialist Olesya Khripunova and an oratorical instructor Tatyana Jumma were assigned to me , and the work began to boil.

With the theme, everything was quite simple. I was in constant dialogue with a large number of digital development ministries in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, was actively involved in digital economy projects and information security of industrial enterprises, and optionally researched for myself the issues and technologies of the so-called “digital human immortality”. In addition, in 2018, our company Atlansis Software Systems signed an agreement with Innopolis University and Kazan Federal University on cooperation and implementation of projects in the field of digital economy and the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

In addition, I wrote an article entitled “The fourth industrial revolution: a revolution in consciousness” and planned to publish it in some IT magazine.

In a word, the “baggage” of knowledge and ideas was great.

Having accepted Almaz’s offer, I certainly really wanted to share with the audience my knowledge and more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of information technology. In addition, the experience of implementing IT projects sometimes opens up such “realities” that I also wanted to share. So I decided on the topic quickly enough: “The fourth industrial revolution: through hardships to the stars.” And without thinking twice, I “scribbled” the report on fifteen pages on the basis of an already finished article. With it, in its final version, you could get acquainted in the previous chapter.

Imagine my surprise that no one understood anything from what I wrote in my report!

This was not a scientific article at all and, as it seemed to me, it was written in a very simple everyday language. But I was asked to rewrite it and make it as accessible as possible to a wide range of listeners. Of course, I agreed and at the same time took up drawing the presentation and staging the speech.

I approached work with all responsibility, in fact, as always.

For four months I ruled and polished the report. During the week, in my free time and at night, all weekend long, in front of the monitor and standing in front of the mirror, I honed my text, presentation and speech. As a result, I got seventeen versions of the presentation, not counting the intermediate ones. Seventeen times it seemed to me that she was perfect, but there was no limit to perfection and I took up work again and again.

I would really like to place the final slides of my presentation in the book (there are only twenty five of them), but since they are made on a black background in white and red font, I think it would be better if you get to know them on my blog and appreciate the work done by following the link:

Among other things, sitting at the monitor, I repeatedly recorded videos of my performance. And without tears and a smile at the first stage, it was impossible to watch. You can also watch the final version of my speech on the channel in Y ou T ube .

In a word, I was getting ready.

On that frosty and very cold winter morning on February 24, 2019, TEDx started, but I was in no hurry to leave the hotel. The day before, after the final rehearsal, I repeated my speech more than once in the hotel room “Bashkortostan”. All night long I turned around, repeating my text over and over again. I knew everything by heart, but the excitement never left me.

Waking up in the morning, I felt that I was ready, had breakfast and rehearsed everything again. And only after that I went to the Ufa State Tatar Theater ” Nur “.

The atmosphere in the theater was lively, but the level of organization was immediately felt. A lot of people with red badges scurried here and there like bees, trying to make the atmosphere for visitors more comfortable.

I was completely calm until the second when a microphone was put on me.

Standing on the stage in a red circle, you feel the warmth of the spotlights that shine right on you and you see hundreds of eyes that literally drill right through you. For a second I felt like Mowgli from a cartoon, when he was surrounded by a huge flock of monkeys and was about to rush at me, as if wanting to swallow with all its mass. But the minute you start talking, literally everything is forgotten, and only the text and images of the slides remain in your mind.

Eighteen minutes flew by in an instant!

Чесалов Александр Юрьевич chesalov alexander
TEDx Chesalov Alexander ТЕД Чесалов Александр Юрьевич

“I am very glad to meet with Alexander, he is not just a professional in his field, a practitioner, but a person who is most immersed in his business. Alexander’s speech on the topic “The fourth industrial revolution and its impact on our world” captivated every listener. Very easy presentation of information and, most importantly, examples that took the viewer to each stage. Thank you Alexander for a very informative and important presentation! ”- Tatiana Jumma, effective communications coach.

© Chesalov Alexander. Digital transformation. 2020 // ISBN 978-5-4498-2970-2